presentation of accepted submitted academic paper at the conference
IMAGES IN TIME: Flashing forward, backward, in front and behind photography in fashion, advertising and the press

Theme of conference:
Photography and fashion have much in common. Both are expressive visual
mediums, constructors of meanings and significations, slippery research
objects, whose theoretical approaches therefore have been subject to much
change and some irresolution. Although it is well established that the
language of photography shares many terms used in semiological discourses,
there are no definite methods for "dealing with" images, but
several models, whose elements call for renewed scrutiny and testing.
Recent tendencies towards cross-fertilization between traditional (history
and art history) and newer (fashion studies, studies of visual and
material culture) disciplines as well as the theories involved, open up
the possibility of a variety of empirical/thematic, technical and
methodological, as well as theoretical approaches.

The conference Images in Time is premised on the assumption that there is
need for an interdisciplinary discussion and interchange of practical
experiences and methodologies amongst researchers dealing with photography
- the process and its products - as a source of past and present
factual content and contextual meaning.

Students and established scholars in the fields of photography, fashion,
film, historical, cultural and visual studies, art historians and those
interested in epistemologies of interdisciplinary research and the
creative industries are invited to deliver papers and presentations on
issues related to any of the following themes:

*Practice and problems in dating, locating, attributing and identifying
images as empirical objects
*Questioning the image as a constructive element and/or constituting force
*Relationships between idea and reality in images/imaging
*Images as forms of internal and/or external communication
*Images as process, in creation, in propagation, in interpretation, at
their time of creation and with respect to their afterlife
*Conflict and consensus in theoretical approaches, e.g. between semiology
and historical source criticism
*Dealing with images as empirical objects: dating, locating, attributing
and identifying
*Image-embedded values and assumptions and/or contradictions and dissonances
*The reactive/proactive image
*Aesthetics and/or ethics in image-production, e.g. manipulation of
historical images
*Image (= icon) to Image (= brand)

Location: University of Iceland, Reykjavik
Date: Friday, 27th November - Saturday 28th November 2009