Institutt for Bruk (IFB) / Dept. of Usership

The Department of Usership is an artistic research project at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, hosted jointly by the Department of Design and the Department of Art and Craft.

Having both grown out of the same art-industrial tradition and the same institution, the departments have moved in the proximity of usership since their inception. Both deriving from the early Arts and Craft movement and the German Bauhaus’ vision of integrating art in everyday-life, they have moved in different directions since the two departments were separated.

The Department of Design has since developed along the lines of critical perspectives in a continuing humanistic tradition - combined with anthropological perspectives on material culture; conceptualizing the encounter of people and artefacts, whereas the Department of Art and Craft have moved towards autonomous art practices - while maintaining a strong focus on crafts traditions and skills.

The hybrid, and in fact non-existing in a strict formal sense, Department of Usership, is first and foremost a framework overarching varied activities, as a means for the two departments to make visible current progressive approaches - enabling the departments to pinpoint their potential contributions to the field of post-artistic practices.

Department of Usership collaborates with Narves1biblioteket (N1B)