"Useful" – on the phenomenon and notion of «use»
Art and craft salon 2015: December 3. at 5 PM – 6.30 PM at the Norwegian Museum of Decorative Arts

Hosted by Norwegian Critics' Association, supported by the Norwegian Arts Council and the Fritt Ord Foundation, organized in partnership with the Norwegian Association for Arts and Craft, Norwegian Museum of Decorative Arts and the artistic research project Department of Usership at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Charlotte Bik Bandlien (anthropologist, Dept. of Usership)
Kjersti Solbakken (director, Galleri Format)
Anna Talbot (artist, jewelry)

Moderator: André Gali, editor Norwegian Crafts.

Recap in Norwegian

 "Daily Spoon" Stian Korntved Ruud   Photo: Annar Bjørgli