"Old Mending Techniques in Vogue" - presentation of accepted submitted academic paper at the workshop Recycling Textile Technologies, June 14th 2010, Dept of Anthropology, University College London

Theme of workshop:
Waste is a valuable, yet often little understood, resource that may be used to subvert and reconfigure moral, legal, social and political boundaries in the pursuit of livelihoods and business success. Textile recyclers have developed a range of socio-technological practises to enable material transformations to take place that often remain invisible to those studying modern economies. This one-day interdisciplinary workshop brings together researchers working on textile recycling across disciplines and sectors, including anthropologists, geographers, historians, designers, waste consultants and consumer researchers. Through this exchange we hope to develop a greater understanding of the underlying relationships between people and things, raw materials and technologies, the emergence of entrepreneurs and innovators in social networks, and their contextual variations.

Chair: Daniel Miller

Journal of Material Culture contributed to the workshop. The event took place as part of the Waste of the World programme.